A place for Healing and learning just for you

Welcome to Pyramid Holistic Centre. We have created a special place for healing and learning just for you. Here at Pyramid we welcome you in a personal, compassionate, and supportive way. Our centre has services to suit everyone’s health and wellbeing. You can relax in the spa after a hard day and unwind during a massage, reflexology or healing treatment. Or if you’re feeling under the weather or fatigued and want to improve your health without depending on drugs, then book an appointment for our Oberon Bio-scan which provides a non-intrusive and safe health check for all the body systems. Pyramid supports the achievement of real health by approaching the healing of the body holistically.


We are located within a traditional Irish farmyard setting in the picturesque countryside of County Donegal. With the help of nature, therapies and relaxation, we can help you get back to living a happy and balanced life. Avail of our Spa facilities, various complementary therapies and treaments and the natural tranqual surroundings to have a relaxing experience or join some of our many workshops to achieve some emotional, mental or physical personal development. We cater to personal vacations, small groups, business retreats and more.



We care for your health and wellbeing.
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