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About Us

Little to know about us. We are here for you.

Why Pyramid Holistic Centre & Spa ?

Welcome to Pyramid Holistic Centre & Spa!

My name is Antoinette and we have created a special place for healing and learning within a traditional farmyard setting. Here at Pyramid Holistic Centre & Spa we welcome you in a personal, compassionate, and supportive way. We believe that the individual can be empowered to heal themselves. Pyramid Holistic Centre & Spa supports the achievement of real health by approaching the healing of the body holistically and seeing the individual as a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being.

Pyramid Holistic Centre & Spa is a family run business situated in 7 acres of beautiful countryside in country Donegal. We have a labyrinth and zen garden for meditation and reflection, beautiful gardens and peaceful secluded areas for relaxation, picnic areas for outdoor enjoyment, horse paddocks, duck pond and scenic countryside walking trails.

Training Centre

We offer a wide range of ITEC and FHT accredited Diplomas and Short Courses in Reflexology, Massage, Aromatherapy and other Holistic Therapies

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Bio-Resonance Health Scan

Feeling tired, not sleeping, under the weather and wanting to improve your health without depending on drugs? Our Pre-diagnostic scanner & therapeutic device, can help support you to optimal health.

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Spa/Health Service

We offer a variety of Spa and Health Treatments to promote relaxation & well-being 

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Here at Pyramid Holistic Training Centre & Spa, our vision is to create a peaceful and tranquil setting for you. It’s time to be kind to ourselves. With life demands and world unrest it is even more important to keep a personal balance within ourselves.