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What is Bio-resonance Health Scan?

Bio-resonance Health Scan

What is Bio-resonance Health Scan?

Looking after your health all year round resonates with most of us, especially after the recent Pandemic. A popular way to proactively do this is with a Bio-resonance Health Scan. 

Where it all started?

Bio-Resonance testing has been around a long time. It is only in recent years it has began to grow in popularity. A German medical doctor, Dr Franz Morell, and his engineer son-in-law, Erich Rasche developed the scan originally in the 1970s.

Bio-resonance health scan

Together with bio-physicist, Dr Ludger Mersmann, they developed a filter to separate ‘unhealthy’ and ‘healthy’ electromagnetic signals coming from the body.

Technology has improved and become more popular in recent years. This, combined with success stories from individuals who have experienced the technology first-hand, has lead to the increase in its popularity. As a result, Bioresonance therapy has become an important part of medical science.

Where we come in…

Our philosophy here is very much focused on the preventative method to treat illness at its earliest possible stage.

Antoinette, our Bio-Resonance expert here at Pyramid Holistic Centre, has spent years training and studying the use of bio-resonance in identifying where your body needs support. This is because she believes bio-resonance is the future of us taking control of our health and improving it.

With Bio-resonance therapy, there are thousands of frequencies that are tested safely, quickly and effectively with a client’s unique physiology. It offers a quick painless and incredibly cost-effective way of finding out exactly how your body’s energy fields are.

How the Bio-resonance Health Scan can help…

As an example… Antoinette has had clients who have presented themselves with food allergy and intolerance symptoms. With the help of the scan, they looked at the energetic state of internal organs, environmental sensitivity, nutritional needs, hormonal imbalances, toxicity in the body, parasites and potential viruses which may be the cause of the food intolerance. From there they work out a treatment plan to rectify any energy imbalances and improve the clients’ symptoms.

Antoinette has already accumulated a succession of case studies demonstrating life changing results using bio-resonance technology. These range from clients suffering from Arteriosclerosis all the way to digestive discomfort.

A word from one of our clients…

One such client, Josephine, says: “When I came to Antoinette, I was exhausted and struggled to get out of bed every day. After getting the scan, which meant sitting on a chair with headphones on for approximately one and half hours, we identified a huge imbalance in by microbiome. We talked about a plan to suit my needs and set about putting it in place. The following weeks I improved my diet and I had a few more visits back to Antoinette. Six weeks later I was starting to feel my energy coming back to me. I wasn’t out of the woods yet, but I was on the right road.”

Bioresonance therapy is the future of functional medicine… So much time and money can be saved simply by taking advantage of this powerful technology. This is why we’ve invested substantially in it.

Who would benefit from Bio-resonance Health Scan?

Ideally, we would like to meet clients who feel in good health and give them a yearly check just to see how they really are. But in reality, we meet clients that present with a wide variety of symptoms.

The last couple of months has shown a change. People have been focusing more on their health, particularly their immune system, spurred on no doubt by the current situation.

Our clients are now looking for a more proactive approach to health rather than only focusing on health when sickness hits which is good to see.

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