Hand Reflexology- FHT Accredited - Pyramid

Hand Reflexology- FHT Accredited

This 1-day Hand Reflexology Diploma is accredited by FHT.

Hand Reflexology is based on the idea that the Reflexology points and meridians
are mirrored on the hand similar to what they are on the feet.

In this course you will be guided through:
• Overview of the Systems of the Body
• Breathing Techniques
• Reflexology Techniques
• Effect Reflexology has on
• Reflexology Technique for Common Ailments.

It allows for treatments to be given to people who prefer for their feet not to
be touched, for people who have skin problems or injuries on their feet.

And, it allows for the opportunity to give somebody a quick supportive
treatment when they need it most without the ordeal of removing shoes
and socks.

This is a Post-Graduate course which requires you to already have a UK level 3 or Irish level 5 Diploma in Reflexology.

This course is recognised towards your CPD points.

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