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Signs of Career Burnout and How to Overcome Them


Burnout at workHave you ever felt like your job is sucking the life out of you? Like that endless to-do list is a bottomless pit, and that energizing passion you once had for your career has vanished? If so, you might be experiencing career burnout.

Burnout isn’t laziness or a lack of dedication. It’s a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by prolonged stress. It’s a real problem, and recognizing the signs is the first step to overcoming it.

Feeling unwell

Spotting the Burnout Symptoms:

Burnout is a complex beast, but it often roars with these three main symptoms:

  • Exhaustion: Feeling constantly drained, both physically and emotionally, even after getting enough sleep.
  • Cynicism: Detaching from your work, feeling negative or apathetic about your job and accomplishments.
  • Inefficacy: Doubting your abilities, feeling like a failure, and a decline in productivity.

These core symptoms can manifest in other ways too. You might experience:

  • Physical ailments: Headaches, stomachaches, changes in sleep or appetite.
  • Isolation: Withdrawing from colleagues and social activities.
  • Difficulty concentrating: Making mistakes, feeling overwhelmed by tasks

Taming the Burnout Flames:

If you see these signs in yourself, don’t panic. Here are some ways to fight back and reignite your career passion:

  • Prioritise Self-Care: Get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, and exercise regularly. Schedule time for relaxation and activities you enjoy.
  • Set Boundaries: Learn to say no to extra work and establish clear work-life boundaries. Disconnect after work and resist the urge to check emails constantly.
  • Seek Support: Talk to a trusted friend, therapist, or career counselor. They can offer a listening ear and guidance.
  • Evaluate Your Options: Sometimes, a total change is needed…

Finding Balance and Kindling Passion in Your CareerDiary

What if preventing burnout is about more than just managing stress in your current job? What if the answer lies in finding a career that offers inherent work-life balance and sparks genuine joy?

  • Consider Careers with Flexibility: Explore fields that allow you to be your own boss, like becoming a Self-Employed Reflexologist or Massage Therapist. These roles often grant you control over your schedule and workload and spark your passion back in you.

Remember, burnout is a journey, not a destination. Be patient with yourself, take things one step at a time, and don’t be afraid to seek help. Your well-being and a fulfilling career go hand-in-hand.

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